Towards that more abundant life!

      Some atheists themselves lead credence to the supernaturalist wailing that atheism in the end results in despair, but no, it rather leads to optimism,for it relies on what works according to the intelligibility of the Cosmos. That ultimately this particular Universe will disappear and thus the hopes of humanity does not mean that why should we not value our  lives. What an irrational non sequitur!

When there existed in ancient Athens some measure of liberty and democracy that fell to tyranny, that measure meant that much value for those Athenians then. Why should they have bewailed what later would happen? That I am enjoying blogging this but this,too. will end, does not gainsay that what I am doing now is valueless whatsoever! Always change happens so that always more challenges come forth. That does not mean despair that victories entail others and-defeats. Why that irrational myth of Sisyphus that always Sisyphus rolls the rock up the mountain only to have to always roll it up again! How silly! That pessimism betrays reason!

Reason rewards us with results such that it perforce forces us to continue in our efforts towards that more abundant life. This proclaims joy! This makes for the exuberant life that Paul Kurtz always calls for.

The supernaturalists use faith -blind faith in the end – whilst we naturalists through trial and error, come to trust our faculties and natural forces. Supernaturalists use the equivocation of blind faith with trust that works! Thus, naturalism achieves success through trusting in natural forces, using our faculties whilst supernaturalism achieves produces only a false hope. John Haught maintains that all through that anthology the Bible pulsates hope. Indeed, that is its highest message and not its mixed up morality that he admits as such.

Where lies that hope in having the first-born Egyptians die? Where is that hope in the story of Japtha’s daughter. Where is it in the bear killing the children who mock Isaiah? Where is it in having a  putative always good man die for the guilty? Where is it in proclaiming even the nicest of Hells and everyone eventually ending up in Heaven after those unnecessary horrors inherent in this world?

What an emotional, intellectual and sometime monetary scam of the ages that is supernaturalism!

Optimism inheres in naturalism whilst a phony one inheres in supernaturalism. Relying on reason and empiricism is no crutch but a necessary means whilst relying on faith is self- wounding matter for using the crutch or placebo of supernaturalism!

Reincarnation rests on the sands of false hope!

” Life is its own validation and reward and ultimate meaning to which neither God nor the future state can further validate.” Inquiring Lynn